Cold Email

Sales team need scalable cold email to hit quotas. We cracked the 100+ meets/month code, and now, we share our findings with your team. 

We guarantee 50% + open rate, < 3% bounce rate, spam report rate less than 0.01%.

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1st package

Cold Email: $1.5K/mo

Your basic Cold-email service. We search the ideal contacts for you. Find your ICP. Establish demographics + psychographic. We write scripts for you. 3 different campaigns/sequence of 5 emails each.
 +3000 Contacts / 5k Emails/mo
 4 weekly reports / 2 bimonthly consultancy meetings
 Estimated 3 meets/month, growing at a 1.5X rate/month

2nd package

Cold Email + LinkedIn: $2K/mo

Everything in the cold email package + LinkedIn outreach & LinkedIn profile review + Suggestions.
• 10k Contacts + Linkedin outreach
• 30+ connections per day
• 4 weekly reports / 2 bimonthly consultancy meetings.
• AB test for you until product-market-fit.
• Estimated 5 meets/month, growing at a 1.5X rate/month

3rd package

Cold Email+ LinkedIn+ Remarketing+ LP’s: $5K/mo

+Everything in the second package (cold email + Linkedin) + Website review + suggestions + Creation of a landing page with a contact form + live chat.
• 10000 Contacts
• 4 weekly reports / 2bimonthly consultancy meetings
• Adwords ads targeting precisely your 3k contacts lists
• 40% + closing rate
• Estimated 10+ meets/month, growing at a 1.5X rate/month


Trust the Numbers

Highly relevant emails sent to the right target will make you go nuclear in record time.

We get you in touch with decision-makers at companies that are a perfect fit for your services. We generate approx 5-10 meetings a month. That means we’ll onboard 1-3 clients per month for you.


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